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world aqua parks guideWater parks have become the favourite holiday destination for children and grown-ups all over the world. The whole teams and families spend theirs weekends at water parks. The reasons for popularity of water amusement parks are simple and clear. Judge for yourself: water parks are in fact an ideal place for a holiday. There are not only various slides and swimming pools. A modern water park is a big amusement center with shops and bars, saunas and massage rooms, gyms and fitness centers. Discos and shows are often held at water parks. In some centers you are even given a chance to celebrate a wedding or hold a festive event for a certain fee.

Water parks are mostly located either in cities or resort localities situated by the sea. There are water parks of indoor and outdoor type. The outdoor type ones are usually built in the open in resort towns and villages at seaside; these water parks are open in summer. The indoor type water parks are constructed in big cities. Comfortable microclimate is maintained for visitors in indoor water amusement parks; they welcome their guests all-year round.

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