Olomouc is located on the Morava river and is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia.

The area of the water surface of Aquapark Olomouc amounts to about 555 m2. The outdoor area with a twisting water slide is open in summer months only. AQUAPARK OLOMOUC is located on Kafkova street in the urban district Olomouc-Slavon?n, close to the HAN? entertainment and shopping park.

The Aquapark Olomouc represents a unique project offering its visitors interesting adrenaline and relaxation water attractions, relaxation zones, massages and solariums in an attractive environment within a single complex premises formed by the indoor pool hall and outdoor area with grass recreational areas.

Water slides, pools and attractions:

Spacebowl. A red-white turbo slide ending with a tunnel. The Spacebowl switchback is open to children from 12 years of age.

Recreational pool. The recreational part of it includes water attractions which increase the attractiveness of swimming in the pool. This pool is designed to be a combination of indoor and outdoor pool with a connecting corridor allowing to visitors to swim out from the indoor area to the outdoor area and vice versa.

Yellow switchback. A pipe slide with a diameter of 1.2 m with daylight and stripe effects.

Massage pool with air massage.

Two Whirlpools.

Children’s pool. Attractions of the children’s pool: water jets, spout, linking slide and waterfall.


Steam bath.

Blue switchback. Slide length: 116.99 m.

AQUAWIDE. Slide length: 11.58 m.

Children’s outdoor pool. Children’s pool attractions: water hedgehog, linking slide, water pump.

Children’s outdoor playground.

Beach volleyball court. Two sand–based courts designed for beach-volleyball and other beach sports.

4 restaurant facilities are situated in the Olomouc Aquapark area: the self-service restaurant, bistro, bar and the summer restaurant.

Aquapark Olomouc, Kafkova street, Olomouc-Slavon?n
phone: +420 588 517 770 (771)



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