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DryTown Water Park in Palmdale, California

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This aquatic facility resides in the territory of the Palmdale Oasis Park & Recreation Center, which is in the SE section of the urb. Operating on an annual basis, DryTown Water Park in Palmdale welcomes its guests from the days off on Encaenia (Memorial Day) in May till Eight Hours (Labor Day) on the first Monday of September.

What amusements you are to enjoy? Along with an artificial stream, this facility offers three aquatic rides, a bunch of leisure centers and a foodcourt.

DryTown Water Park in Palmdale Attractions:

The Wildcatter: open flume slide with two 360-degree turns.
Devil’s Punch Bowl: around and around you go, picking up speed, until you slide into your final descent to the splash pool below.
Big Rock River: 925-foot long lazy river.
Rattler’s Revenge: you’re propelled down an enclosed flume.

Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older.

Food: sandwiches, Hot Dogs, salads, snacks, water and beverage in a Dusty’s Grill Menu.

Visit the General Store, located at the front of the park, to rent a locker.

3850-B East Avenue S
Palmdale, CA 93550

DryTown Water Park PHOTOS:

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